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Questions About College

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How To Decide On A College?

Many high school students dream of graduating and heading off to college. However, once you receive your college acceptance letters, you'll have to make one of the most important decisions of your life, which college to attend. These factors will help you narrow down your list and pick the best college for your particular needs.

General Feel

Think about the size of the college, and how you fit into that perspective. Do you want to attend a larger college, or do you prefer a smaller more personalized environment?


When choosing a college to attend, location should always be a primary factor. You will have to live there for the next few years, so it's important to choose a location that you're comfortable with. Additionally, if money is a factor, you could live at home if you have the option of attending a local college.

If you're looking at colleges that aren't local, pay attention to the housing options, and the facilities that they have available on campus.

Your Program of Choice

Do your homework and figure out which schools offer the best programs in your field of study. If you're going to invest a lot of time and money into your education, it's important to attend a program that's going to make it worthwhile.

Do Your Research

Before deciding on a school, do some research to decide which college has the best reputation. Ask around and read reviews from current students and alumni. You'll get an idea of what student life is like there, and how students feel about the school in general.

Financial Aspect

Do a financial comparison of the schools to determine how much money you'll need to attend each one. Then, determine how much money your parents can help you with and how much you'll be able to save through employment and student loans.

Campus Visits

You should try to visit the campus of each school you're thinking about attending. Reading brochures and reviews is one thing, but being right there in the heart of the excitement is something else. It will give you a real feel for the student body and school atmosphere.

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